Similar with the economy of Malaysia in the 80’s, Rubber Plantation and Trading contribute significantly to the overall revenue of CHS when the company was first incorporated. Our late founder started rubber business from a small scale nursery on a piece of leased land in Lendu, Alor Gajah, Melaka. CHS produce outstanding quality rubber seedlings, comprehensive services and solutions comprising replanting contract work, purchase rubber wood and transportation. The company regular customers include government agency such as RISDA, FELDA, FELCRA as well as large and small scale rubber estate owner.

Our Clone

Padang Besar (PB 350)
CHS nursery experts are equipped with high level planting skill inherited by our late founder. CHS has always been in the Rubber Plantation and Trading line though the market value of latex suffered from unprecedented declination in recent years as this is where and how we started our business. As the Chinese idiom says, the heritage and root shall not be easily forgotten when one is enjoying the water.

Quality Concern

Besides, CHS is very thankful to have gained the trust and support from RISDA, FELDA and FELCRA for more than 35 years. We started the relationship from supplying rubber seedlings and providing all kind of services and solutions to assist them in replanting projects. Until today, we are still expanding and diligently exchanging views and ideas with the experts, continuously strive to improve the quality of our product and efficiency of our operation as we believe that rubber will come to its glorious time again in the near future.

Our Services & Solutions

Supply Rubber Seedling

Subsidy Application

Professional Consultation

Replanting Contract Work

Smallholding & Estate Management

Purchase Rubber Wood


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