Our Activities


1. Corporate Visit to CHS Seedling Nursery, Ramp & Fertilliser Warehouse


CHS welcomed a group of passionate entrepreneurs and representative from various NGOs for a corporate visit to our seedling nursery, ramp and fertilliser warehouse. Our Managing Director, Mr Chan Hwa Ming had given unreserved sharing of the problem, solution and misconception of the business he gained from his 40 years experiences in the plantation industry to the attendees. He also invited the attendees to share with him their perspective, vision and outlook toward the future of the industry. In his closing remark, Mr Chan has urged that the existing plantation players to engage the younger generation in the business as their involvement can ensure sustainability.

2. Annual Congress of Wintrue Holdings Co Ltd


It was a fruitful and productive week in the most populous country, China. CHS has the chance of being invited to attend the annual congress of Wintrue Holdings Co Ltd, one of the largest producer of fertilliser compound in China. The corporate visit to their manufacturing factories and hubs located at Wuhan, Hainan & Sanya is an eye opening experience. It is indeed a trip that strengthen the relationship between the 2 corporates and we are looking forward for more collaborations in the future.

Our Activities


1. Back To School Community Project 2.0


CHS was the Main Sponsor for the Back To School Community Project 2.0. Our Executive Director, Mr Calvin Chan had the honour of being elected as the Organising Chairman for this programme. Under his chairmanship, the programme successfully raised funds to equip 450 underprivileged students from all 65 Chinese primary schools across Melaka with bags, school uniforms, shoes and socks.

Education is the key to success. This is especially true if the student is coming from an underprivilege background. CHS feels privileged should the little kind act shall translate into a stepping stone for any recipients in achieving their future success.

2. World Clean Up Day 2019


CHS was the Key Sponsor for World Clean Up Day 2019 in Melaka. Our Executive Director, Mr Calvin Chan once again had the honour of being elected as the Organising Chairman for the programme.
The programme is collaborate between few NGOs with the local authorities.
As at the closing, 5 tons of recyclable waste were collected and directed to the proper channel for the purpose of reuse & recycle. The campaign had raised the awareness of reduce, reuse & recycle in more than 15 residential communities around the state of Melaka. CHS believe great things are always done by a series of little things brought together.

3. CHS Charity Singing Competition cum SJK(C) Lendu 71st Anniversary Dinner


In Conjunction of SJK(C) Lendu 71st Anniversary, CHS together with the committee of Alumni Association of the school co-organised a charity singing competition and anniversary dinner. The event has attracted thousands crowd from all Melaka and raised hundreds of thousand ringgit for educational and operational expenses of the school to ensure equitable quality education for all.

4. Newspaper Donation To SJK(C) Lendu Continuously For 14 years


Education is always given priority by our Managing Director, Mr Chan Hwa Ming.
This marked the 14th continuous year of Mr Chan Hwa Ming sponsoring China Press newspaper to SJK(C) Lendu, alma mater of him. Mr. Chan has the ambition of reducing the rates of illiterate and we are committed to continue the sponsorship in the years to come.